Clash of Kings Review

  • If imitation is regarded as the sincere way of flattery then Clash of Kings by developer Empire Game Studios will need to have absolutely loved Machine Zone’s Game of War: Fire Age as being the two games are quite similar indeed. Bet on War became a fun game though so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    Clash of Kings commences with you, the king within your city taking it back from invaders, it’s unclear who these people were or how we lost your city, but the only aspect to be performed now is to rebuild your devastated city and train a whole new army to ensure it isn’t lost again.

    To make this happen the participant builds resource buildings, for example Sawmills and Farms. These resources are widely used to crank out troops for instance militia infantry and some cavalrymen and also to research myriad upgrades like faster farming, the ability to support a greater army or perhaps upgrades for the troops include them as stronger in battle. Developing the town is certainly a slow burning process. Filled with timers, it takes approximately 4 minutes to make a basic unit of militia and upgrades and research take too much time. It is a common story in freemium games though and it's also never really that annoying.

    Slowly upgrading the city, gradually becoming stronger and amassing a military with a huge number of warriors can be just as interesting mainly because it is at Fire Age. The sport also allows players to skip building and upgrade timers with under A few minutes remaining along with other players will help build or research things minimizing the timer as well.

    Alliances are central in clash of kings game. An alliance is a group of players that actually work together to develop their cities. Alliances can certainly help in constructing buildings for members or provide reinforcements. Whenever a player would like to attack they can instead set up a war rally that enables other players for the reason that alliance to include soldiers at the same time to form a large combined army of small alliance city armies, permitting some truly huge forces being fielded. Alliances are generally friendly and helpful and the game feels the maximum amount of such as a social experience simply because it does a game.

    Clash of Kings looks very inviting to the style of game it really is. Buildings and units look really good and therefore are wonderfully detailed for any free game. Buildings also change as is also upgraded and also the interface is well presented. The way in which troops align along the side of the location since they are created is satisfying too, as players can observe their army grow. For the freemium city builder Clash of Kings looks impressive.

    The sound is nearly limited but what’s there may be decent enough. Good quality music helps the overall game along nonetheless it loops too frequently. The tunes around the world map for instance loops every A short period a shame as it’s an excellent track. Aurally the action has limitations to a few yells and clicks. Some combat sounds would've been nice.

    Clash of Kings is a fairly decent wargame and although it apes Fire Age will still be an exciting strategic game on its own.